Clinical Supervision

I am available for clinical supervision for individuals  working toward LPC licensure in the state of Pennsylvania and individuals preparing for the Art Therapy Credentials Board Certification Exam. 

I am an ideal fit for individuals interested in creative and somatic approaches, and in building skills for working with the following issues: 

-Sexual Behavior Issues & Problematic Sexual Behavior

-Pornography Addiction


-Minor-attracted persons

-Sex Addiction

-Chronic Infidelity 

-Criminal Sexual Behavior & Sex Offending

-Forensic Therapy & Risk Assessment

-Incest & Sibling Incest Family Reunification

-Process Addictions

-Sexual Abuse

-Physical Abuse

-Emotional Abuse & Neglect

-Betrayal Trauma

-Sex after trauma

-Trauma, PTSD and Complex PTSD


-Binge Eating Disorders

-Body Image Concerns

-Developmental Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, and Fetal       Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Training & Consultation

I am available for consultation, guest lectures, and speaking engagements on the following topics: 

-Therapy for Problematic Sexual Behavior

-Therapy for Compulsive Pornography Use

-Therapy for Pornography Addiction

-Therapy for Chronic Infidelity

-Therapy for Sexual Acting Out

-Therapy for Teens engaging in problematic sexual behaviors

-Trauma-Informed Care

-Supporting Families facing sexual behavior concerns

-Art Therapy & Art-based approaches for non-art therapists in treating the above issues. 

-Sexual Education

-Talking to Teens about Pornography

Here are some examples of my previous guest lectures and training events:

Embodied Expressions LLC

is an online-only therapy service serving clients throughout the state of Pennsylvania. 

For all inquiries, please use the "Let's Connect" submission box, call me at (267) 281-7671

or email me at


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Sahra Riccardi, ATR-BC, LPC

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