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What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is just like in-person, face to face therapy, except from the comfort of your own home. Sometimes called Telehealth, Tele Mental Health, or Video Therapy, online therapy uses specialized real-time video software similar to Skype or Facetime to connect us for your session.  


Online therapy is therapy on your terms.  No commute, no uncomfortable waiting room, no concerns about awkward run-ins in the parking lot. 

Online therapy is accessible.  All you need is a good internet location and an hour of privacy.   I am able to offer therapy for individuals anywhere in Pennsylvania


Here's how it works: 

  • Find a spot with privacy.  Make sure your camera and audio are working.  Check that your internet signal is strong. 

  • I provide you with a link to a secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform. 

  • Click the link and that's it! We are ready for session!

Is Online Therapy right for me? 

Online therapy is great if you:

  • have a tight schedule

  • are a busy parent

  • are a business traveler*

  • have anxiety/concerns about privacy attending therapy in your community

  • don't have access to a specialist in your local community

  • feel more comfortable addressing sensitive topics in the privacy of your own home

  • hate traffic (who doesn't?)

Online therapy might not be a good fit for you if:

  • You are experiencing suicidal thoughts or are engaged in self-harming behaviors.** 

  • You are experiencing thoughts of harming others.** 

  • You are experiencing hallucinations, delusions, or other sensory disturbances.**

  • You do not have a safe, private space where you will not be interrupted. 

  • You do not have a stable, reliable internet connection.  

*Clients must be located in the state of Pennsylvania at the time of service. 

**These symptoms require a higher level of care from a practitioner located within driving distance to the patient. 

Session Info & Fees

  • I currently offer therapy for individuals 18+ who are physically located anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania. 

  • Individual therapy sessions are 50-53 minutes long. 

  • Individual therapy sessions are $150 per session.  Sliding scale/reduced fee appointments are available.

  • I do not currently contract with any insurance panels. Operating independent from insurance companies allows for maximum confidentiality for you and enables treatment to progress on your own terms.  This means that I do not directly bill or receive payment from any kind of insurance.  However, many insurance companies offer benefits for mental health reimbursement.  I encourage you to contact your insurance provider directly for an explanation of your options.   

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